Find me in other media?

I’m mindful of my private sphere (and that of others). I leave fewer easily follow-able traces than most. Still, here are some links…

Papers published

Buildumgebung in Gefahr!, author’s edition. A publisher-revised version appeared in iX-Developer special edition “Effektiver entwickeln” 2/2016.

Versionsmanagement auf dem Tanker, author’s edition. A publisher-revised version appeared in iX Developer special edition 3/2013.


Do as the shell does INNOQ-internal training teaching how to do common Linux/UNIX shell patterns via Ruby.

Getting started fast: Development infrastructure, CI, and test deployment to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS together with a colleague.

Sicherheitsprobleme üblicher Build- und Deployment-Umgebungen a precurser of the corresponding publication.

Amateur radio talks

Spaziergang durch den Funkgerätewald.


Amateurfunkstellen One evening that happened to be recorded, out of a course leading to the official German ham radio license exam.

Not exactly a talk, but I got to moderate the first German AfuBarCamp (and look forward towards moderating the second).

Blog posts

Proof of Existence via HTTPS

git pull gotchas

Horizontal automation – a waste of time. Some argument in an internal discussion made public.

Fehlerbehandlung in Shellskripten. Explains why bash isn’t my favorite choice of scripting language.

Tags für Docker Images ohne Registry


I admit to being Github user aknrdureegaesr. (That name was chosen years ago on the spur of a moment. Hint: Read every second letter.)

anonymous_inmail and kubernetes-make-user are also by me.

Dr. Andreas Krüger, Herweghstr. 13, 12487 Berlin, Germany,