to my home page.

This homepage had been dormant for some years. As of late November 2017, I decided to let some love flow its way. Restructured the whole thing, lots of headlines, a bit of content.

Of course, a home page is never done. But by March 2018, this thing has reached the status now called “minimum viable product”.

Wo ist das Brotrezept?

Fast noch genau da, wo es immer war: https://www.famsik.de/brot/. Nur ein “s” ist neulich hinzugekommen hinter dem “http”. Wenn der Kalauer erlaubt ist: Auch Sauerteigbrot geht mit der Zeit!

See my piece on hypertext for background information on this.

Dr. Andreas Krüger, Herweghstr. 13, 12487 Berlin, Germany, andreas.krueger@famsik.de