Amateur radio

Get to know me—you’ll soon learn that I’m an amateur radio operator: DJ3EI at your service!

What’s this “amateur radio”?

It’s a fun hobby to have. Actually, its many fun hobbies!

Sub-hobbies of the radio amateur super-hobby I’ve tried and found I like include:

  • Communicating with people. Our weekly meetings, just a handful of friends from Berlin’s south-east leisurely chatting every Monday night for about an hour on our regular frequency is one of the week’s highlights. I also enjoy meeting people on the air waves and getting to know them.

  • Contests. Which means that top-notch radio amateurs compete to reach as many and as far away as they can. For two or three of the real big contests each year, e.g., the IARU world championship in mid July, I love to join the excitement. I’m not one of the top-notch stations, but a member of the “also ran” multitudes which provide the stations those top-notch guys try to reach. Which other world championship is open for all contestants world-wide and draws more than 4000 participants? It’s also instructive to try out different tactics. When to call, when to answer? Which frequency to use when? Is it better to hunt rare stations (which may count more for the final score), or go for each contact opportunity that presents itself?

To be continued.

First German amateur radio bar camp.

See its own web page.

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